Has the aptitude and opportunity to work on some of the most demanding and intricate projects.

Construction Management

Being involved in the project development from the beginning stages allows us to ensure the scope of work.


When construction is complete, this is an extremely important time in the project; the time when the client takes ownership of the project.


Taking a project idea in its infancy and develop it into a tangible item.

Tower Contracting employees understand that earning trust is a result of their actions.

Tower Contracting

The Tower team is committed to ensuring a quality, on time, and within budget project. The success of each project is based on our ability to establish a partnering team concept. This team consists of key representatives from the owner, the architect, Tower Contracting, and the subcontractors. The Tower team philosophy for each project provides a unified organization with all parties participating in all phases of construction. The benefits that result from this alliance are significant in reaching the best solution of every issue.